Jojoba Namibia


ConServ Engineering Services was approached by the Jojoba for Namibia Trust to design a Water supply system for a Jojoba Plantation Project at the Omdel Dam area in the Omaruru River Namibia.

In the first phase a GRUNDFOS SP7-37 powered with 18 x 290 Wp Solar Modules was installed to the borehole. From there water is pumped to the first storage Tanks about 1,5km away with an incline of about 80 meters. The RSI system has been designed in such a way that the yield of the pump can be extended in near future and supply further storage Tanks along a 5km pipeline with a total elevation of 80 meters from the borehole-NGL. Final layout of the System will be the SP7-37 powered via the RSI 5500 Inverter by 36 x PX290Wp Solar Modules. Calculated yield will be 50m³ per day at the last Water point.

The Team of ConServ Engineering Services installed the Solar Modules, Inverter and Pump during October 2020. The Jojoba plantation provides an income for the local community. The fruits of the plants is processed locally in Namibia.

The Jojoba oil gets exported to Europe, mainly for use in the cosmetic industry.

Solar Hot Water System for School

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