Conserv Engineering Services

With many years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Water & Energy infrastructure and systems we can assist you in the following:

Pumping equipment including borehole pumps (solar and AC driven), domestic and industrial booster-pumps, wastewater pumps, circulation pumps, dosing pumps, 

Solar and renewable energy system, off-grid and grid-tied PV systems, domestic and industrial solar hot water systems

Industrial Diesel Engines and Generator sets

We will provide the full line of service to our customer, beginning with the consultation to find a solution for the requirements of our customer, design of the system required, installation of the equipment and hand-over of the system to the end-user.

Due to our Product line up we are able to provide the full range of technical service in Water and Energy supply to our customers, making us a company that can provide all your technical needs. In the field of Water-supply we can offer our service from the borehole pump, Pressure boosting, Hot Water Supply till wastewater removal. Further we can offer you solutions for your Energy requirements, from PV System till Hybrid energy systems with Generator Backup System.

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